Pull-Planner 3000

Pull-Planner 3000

Pull-Planner™ 3000 for Windows™ calculates cable pulling tension
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Pull-Planner™ 3000 for Windows™ calculates cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure around bends using the pulling equations. Tension estimates are useful in designing conduit systems and planning cable pulls.

Such planning can save time and money by minimizing splices, vaults, pulling set-ups, etc., while ensuring installation tensions that won't damage cable.

Pull-Planner™ 3000 for Windows™ follows the proven approach of the earlier Pull-Planner™ 2000 and Pull-Planner™ II versions by approaching a pull in "segments." Each segment normally consists of a straight section followed by a bend.

Browser (html) "HELP" menu links throughout the program explain data entry and terminology. If you are familiar with cable and conduit terminology, very little training is required to run the program.

Main features:
-Newest Windows™ version of the well-known Pull-Planner™ 2000 and Pull-Planner™ II.

-Drop down menus and command button controls for intuitive operation.

-Accepts pull and cable data saved under previous Pull-Planner™ 2000 version.

-Large, easy-to-use customized cable database (up to 100 cables) now accepts lengthy cable descriptions.

-Runs metric or English units.

-Mouse point and click feature speeds calculations.

-Clipboard feature allows transfer of data into word processing document.

-Standard Windows™ interfaces for printing, saving, and coloring screen.

-Large and updated friction coefficient database, including newer cable jacket types.

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